Updated 05/08/2022

This policy recognises that everyone values their time. As a clinic, we set aside an appointment time purely for the care of a single client. Our expectation is that the client will set aside this time to attend and participate fully in this appointment.

In respect of this, we request 24 hours’ notice to cancel or alter an appointment. If such notice is not provided, a late cancellation fee of $50 is payable, prior to booking the next appointment. This is stipulated on our intake form, which every client is asked to fill out prior to their first appointment with us.

We recognise that circumstances change, and it may be necessary for either the clinician or the client to cancel or alter the time of an appointment at short notice. Each clinician has the authority to waive the late cancellation fee at their sole discretion if they believe the circumstances warrant.

Clients that repeatedly cancel appointments at short notice or fail to attend may be invited to pursue their physiotherapy care with another provider.