“Our staff are our biggest asset”. Just a cliché or a statement of truth?

We want to make sure our clients are very happy with the service they receive from us, and the results that we help them achieve.

The only way this can happen is if our workforce – our physios and our administration staff - are happy, feel valued, feel rewarded, and see a bright future for themselves. Modbury Physio is constantly striving to provide the best possible workplace culture. Here is how we do it:

Experience Counts

Our two senior physiotherapist owners both have Post Grad Masters qualifications at Uni SA. We love to share what we have learned as clinicians, as business owners and our own life experiences.

Ongoing Education

We have a generous allowance for physios to undertake courses in their areas of interest, and we run regular in-service sessions within the clinic.


A modern workplace needs to adapt to the needs of staff. We understand that “life happens” - circumstances change over time, whether it be family issues, health concerns or changes in financial situation. We are happy to accommodate and adjust accordingly.

Modern Facilities and Better Systems

We are constantly improving our work environment, upgrading our equipment, refining our systems and streamlining our procedures. Our aim is to be as efficient as possible in our workflow so our staff can get on with their primary tasks, whether it be treating clients or managing the administration of the clinic.

Team Atmosphere

We like to celebrate the little (and big!) victories together, as well as solve any issues arising with everyone’s input. We respect what every individual brings to the business, but we know that together what we can achieve is remarkable.


Got a tricky client? Having trouble with a clinical diagnosis? Workload running away from you? We have all been there. We will help you through the roadblocks together.

Everyone’s Contribution is Welcomed and Celebrated

Have an idea that will improve the clinic? The response will be “show us how this will work, and we will give it a go!”. You are not expected to stay back late for a client, but we notice when you do. Tidy up a mess you didn’t make? Kudos and thanks! Spend some of your non-clinical time helping a teammate? We respect your effort.

Have Fun

Still reading this? The best is saved for last.

We believe that if you are going to devote so many hours per week at work, you might as well enjoy it. If you are not having fun at work, you are not doing it right, and we encourage everyone to get involved. We like quirky video blogs, a bit of music in our gym, “who has the most fancy lunch”, and “rehab exercise of the day”. What would YOU do on a daily basis to get more smiles and make your physio career more entertaining and fulfilling?

Staff meetings with a Smile!

Staff meetings with a Smile!